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Managexam or Managexam Live: what’s the difference?

Depending on your institution’s requirements, you’ll have to take your test using directly your browser or through the use of our application, Managexam Live.

Please scroll to your relevant test to read more about the experience with Managexam.


When your institution requires a browser-only test, you’ll receive the following email:

Browser only test invitation

Managexam is accessible directly through your browser.

After completing your set-up and authorising access to your webcam, you’ll be granted access to your assessment, a session during which you’ll be photographed throughout to confirm its validity.

If another person appears on the screen or your pictures signal that your attention is diverted from the screen, your institution might decide to invalidate your session. Make sure you’re in an appropriate environment to take your test and it complies to your institution requirements.

Your education provider and/or your lecturer might decide to add additional security features such as variable data between candidates so everyone in the class end-up randomly with different dataset in the test, or block the ability to come back on the previous questions of the assessments.

Please make sure you read carefully the instructions provided at the beginning of the test  which will highlight all the constraints set-up for your particular test.


When your institution requires a test through the Managexam Live application, you’ll receive the following email:

Test requiring Managexam Live invitation

Thanks to the Managexam Live application, previously installed on your computer, you’ll connect to the Managexam exam center, where you’ll be guided and monitored by the Managexam team during your entire session.

After taking pre-screening steps, set up on request of your education provider, which might include an ID-identification, switching off all your active applications on your computer or a screening of your working environment, you’ll be given access to your evaluation, for the duration and according to the format planned by your education provider.

You will then be redirected to another screen, outside of the Managexam Live application to take your assessment, depending on your provider’s instructions.

All instructions relative to your assessment are communicated after successfully completing at the end of your pre-screening.

During all the time of your evaluation, you will be monitored through your webcam in order to ensure the rules defined by your education provider are respected – you will be able to review and accept applicable procedures before starting your pre-screening.

Breaches to the rules of procedure will be documented and your education provider will then take the decision in regards to the validity of your evaluation.

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