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Decrypting your Managexam invitation.

Your invitation includes all the important information relative to your upcoming test. It’s important you keep it in a safe place until you complete your assessment.

1. What test are you registered to take?

According to your institution’s requirements, you’ll be invited to take a test using directly your browser or through the use of our application, Managexam Live.

This information will be clearly identified in your test invitation, directly in the header.

Invitation for a browser only test

Invitation for a test requiring Managexam Live

If you are registered for a test with the application Managexam Live, please refer to the following section of the user guide.

2. What time your test starts?

Your evaluation schedule and its duration is highlighted in the first section of your invitation.

In the central part of your invitation, you will find the time by which you are expected to login and be ready to start your test. 

Your invitation uses GMT timezone. To know read more about GMT please click here.

3. When are you considered as late for your test?

In the central part of your invitation, you’ll find a mention of the time by which you will be considered as late for your test. 

Please note that Managexam won’t be able to allow you access after this time limit and you will need to contact your faculty to check your options. Read more about test scheduling on Managexam.

4. What email address are you registered with?

You’ll always find the email address related to your account in the footer of all emails received from Managexam.

To read more about your credentials, please click here.

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