What is Managexam?

Managexam is a French provider working with higher education institutions and training centres to assess students online while maintaining the same standards as in an offline testing environment.

For this to be possible, Managexam developed a series of tools and steps which make possible, for an education provider, to attest of the validity of an evaluation.

Our partners define rules of procedure applicable for an evaluation, reason why you might be required to complete a pre-screening before accessing your evaluation session or accept an access to your webcam during the time of your test.

You are able to review and accept applicables procedures before starting any evaluation on Managexam.

According to your institution’s requirements, you’ll be invited to take a test using directly your browser or through the use of our application, Managexam Live.

This information will be clearly identified in your test invitation, directly in the header.

Invitation for a browser only test

Invitation for a test requiring Managexam Live

Read more on the difference between browser and application based tests

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