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Test with Managexam Live application: the assessment, step by step


Open your application and enter your credentials (email and password) before clicking on “Login”.


  • On your personal dashboard, click on “Test my equipment”

  • In this new screen, your webcam, microphone, screen sharing, device and internet connection will be tested dynamically.

If all elements are green, you’re all set!

If one or more icon is red, please contact Managexam Live support before starting the pre-screening.


  • On your personal dashboard, you will find your evaluation session in the central part of your screen.

  • Click on “Enter screening”

  • As for any evaluation, rules of procedure apply. Your education provider will have set up a particular set of conditions that you must comply to in order to take your evaluation. Review carefully and click on radio box to accept the rules of the evaluation.

  • Proceed to pre-screening by clicking on “Access pre-screening”.

  • The pre-screening is designed to ensure you are in an appropriate environment to take your test. Please follow the instructions provided and click on “Next” to proceed to the next step.


  • Once your pre-screening is successful, you will be given access to your evaluation, Please follow the instructions provided to pursue and keep your app running in the background.

  • At anytime during the session, you can contact the Managexam Live team through the chat, available throughout your session.
    NB : If you can’t hear the notifications of your proctor during your test, we invite you to check sometimes, during your evaluation, if you have any new messages in the chat of your application.
  • Similarly, at anytime during the session, the Managexam Live team might contact you, through the chat, if you are not complying with the rules of your evaluation and your education provider has requested to notify you. In this situation, you’ll receive a notification directly from your app.

Please note that according to your education provider requirements, you might be asked to conduct your pre-screening at any time during the session.


Once you have completed your evaluation, come back to Managexam Live application and click on End my Session to finish your session.

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